Missing woman found on beach near Big Sur

A woman who disappeared while driving down the California coastline was found alive a week later in the wreckage of her SUV - 200 feet down the side of a rocky Big Sur cliff.

She survived, she said, using a hose from her auto to catch water dripping from moss on rocks. The department tweeted Friday evening to say that Hernandez was safe after she'd been reported missing some six days earlier. She was driving from Portland to Lancaster in California to visit family.

Ms Hernandez told investigators she swerved to avoid hitting an animal and plunged over the cliff.

"She has not shown her family any signs of depression, to be suicidal or any indicators that would explain her unexpected disappearance", it adds.

She was traveling from OR to southern California on July 6 to visit family. A couple on the beach reportedly discovered Hernandez near the trail from Kirk Creek, almost 200 feet down a cliff.

Moments later, the husband and wife duo heard calls for help from Angela, who they spotted in the rocks. Big Sur Fire, California Highway Patrol and the Monterey County Sheriff's Office responded to the scene. Her vehicle, police said, "was partially in the water".

Woman Missing a Week Found Alive Down a Cliff
Missing Portland woman in stable condition after being rescued from car wreck off Highway 1.

Sheriffs said she had told her sister she would stay overnight in a auto park before continuing her journey the next morning, but they had not heard from her after 6 July.

Chad and Chelsea Moore were hiking along the beach when they heard Hernandez's cries for help. It's not going to be an easy recovery.

"Eventually, I was able to break out of my vehicle and jump into the ocean", she wrote. She says she met so many lovely people for her rescue and help bringing her up the cliff.

Angela Hernandez posted a detailed account Sunday night on Facebook of her survival after the crash.

"I just want to thank everybody, everybody". She was a frequent user of social media and the lack of communication was unusual, authorities said.

"I was definitely in shock", Moore said. "We ran to Angela and we all just kind of collapsed to our knees as we tried to figure out what just happened".

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