Is ABBA a Band in the Mamma Mia! Universe?

"Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again" marks her first onscreen role since 2010's "Burlesque".

Cher attends the world premiere of Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is released on 20 July, and has been touted by lead actor Amanda Seyfried as a "better" movie with "more heart".

The two have a long history together; both have been in the film business for decades now, even co-starring in the 1983 thriller Silkwood alongside actor Kurt Russell, which Cher starred in early in her movie career.

The grand finale in the sequel, released ten years after the original, sees all the cast come together for a rendition of Super Trouper - and for numerous cast, it's the first time they appear on screen together.

"But no, suddenly they started playing the music from South Pacific, There's Is Nothin' Like a Dame, and we all sang to Julie and she was just in tears".

Lily James plays the younger version of her character, and gushed: "When I found out I would be part of the sequel, I was terrified and very excited". Cher performs Fernando in the film alongside Andy Garcia, who plays hotel manager Fernando Cienfuegos. Oh, keep an eye out for Cher's forthcoming album of ABBA covers (!) in September, too.

She revealed: "After I did Fernando, I thought it would really be fun to do an album of ABBA songs... so I did!"

The number itself is staggering, but it's not hard to see how she earned it. Cher has been working diligently in the spotlight since her teens. "And it feels good".

The former Downton Abbey star reveals she has "struggled" with vocal issues on and off since finishing drama school, so the 29-year-old took drastic measures to ensure her singing voice would be in ideal condition for the movie musical.

  • Kyle Peterson