Pompeo Warns Against Easing Pressure on North Korea

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called on members of the United Nations to enforce sanctions against North Korea more strictly and for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to keep his promise to denuclearize.

The United States last week sent a report to the sanctions committee that said North Korea had secured at least 759,793 barrels of oil products through ship-to-ship transfers at sea, according to the document, which was seen by AFP. On July 12, Haley's office submitted a report to the U.N. Security Council's sanctions committee saying such illegal transfers likely happened 89 times between January 1 and May 30.

China is the North's closest ally.

"It is necessary that the denuclearization go step by step with parallel actions by the worldwide community", Polyansky said. Chairman Kim made a promise.

"This thing happening in the USA with now is some sort of a farce, some sort of comedy", he said.

In May, prior to the historic summit in Singapore, Pompeo told North Korean officials that the United States would help the communist country with its economy if it would dismantle its illegal nuclear weapons program.

Pompeo will likely seek to enlist support from the top United Nations body when he reports on Friday on the administration's achievements so far with North Korea, and on what lies ahead. Pompeo asked. "We need to see Chairman Kim do what he promised the world he would do".

Donald Trump
Donald Trump held a landmark summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore in June

China and Russian Federation blocked a call for a halt to all refined petroleum products to North Korea, a move which Haley considers counterproductive to the denuclearization process.

Chinese Ambassador Ma Zhaoxu said that "China is committed to denuclearization" and "to peace and stability on the Peninsula".

That report follows remarks by President Trump, who said that China may be loosening its border in respect to North Korea, bringing fears in the global community that China could be giving North Korea a lifeline that would scuttle worldwide efforts at denuclearization. "We will fully implement the resolutions".

"For China and Russian Federation to block it - what are they telling us?"

Earlier, Pompeo had said he and Trump are optimistic that progress is taking place.

But Haley and Pompeo may be fighting an uphill battle as some United States allies are skirting the rules by engaging in ship to ship transfers of goods with the North. Are they telling us that they want to continue supplying this oil? We don't need any more information. "North Korean cyber thefts and other criminal activities are also generating significant revenues for the regime, and they must be stopped". "We all know it's going forward".

The Foreign minister raised the issue during phone conversations that were made at the request of the US and aimed at "further normalization of the US-Russian relations" following the summit between the US President Donald Trump and Russia's Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.

  • Rogelio Becker