Two victims leave hospital after Missouri tour boat tragedy

He says Table Rock Lake seemed calm but that it "suddenly got very dark".

Alex Nosal, a boat safety expert with the Toronto Marine Safety School, said he wouldn't go into the water in a duck boat if waves were higher than six inches.

Others who died in the accident involving an amphibious "duck boat" operated by Ride the Ducks included a Missouri couple who had recently celebrated a birthday, a Rhode Island pastor who was operating the boat, and an in father and son.

Divers found four more bodies in Table Rock Lake, bringing the death toll to 17, including the crew member who was driving the amphibious boat.

At that office, meteorologists had clocked winds at 119 kilometres per hour, issuing a warning to the area at approximately 6:30 pm.

Wind gusts in the Branson area reached 50 to 60 miles per hour.

Lester's boyfriend, Trent Behr, said they saw a woman in the water and helped to pull her into the boat.

Stone County Sheriff Doug Rader urged anyone with video or photos of the accident to contact authorities.

"I felt like if I was able to get a life jacket, I could have saved my babies", a teary Tia Coleman said at a news conference.

She told KOLR: "A really huge wave swept over and when that wave swept over, the last thing I heard my sister-in-law yell was "grab the baby". In a short video taken by Malaske from the deck of the Belle, the duck boat can be seen wallowing through the choppy, wind-whipped lake, with water only inches from its windows.

"We'll look at the vessel, we'll look at the operation of the vessel, we'll look at the people involved, we'll look at the environment", said Earl Weener, a National Transportation Safety Board Member.

"Going home - I already know is going to be completely hard I don't know how I'm going to do it", she said.

The mayor said Williams, known informally as "Captain Bob", "was a great ambassador for Branson". "He was at every event. He knew everyone. He was always promoting Branson", Ms Best said.

She told reporters as she was consoling his wife, the two shared fond memories of Williams.

The duck boats also have thick canopies to protect passengers from the elements, but if the boats sink, passengers in life jackets can float to the top and be trapped.

On Friday, CNN asked Jim Pattison Jr., president of Ripley Entertainment Inc., the duck boat business's parent company, what the crew knew about the thunderstorm warnings when the tour embarked. "When did they decide to alter the route of the boat?" he said.

Duck boats are amphibious vessels that travel on both land and water, and are popular among tourists in major cities.

The U.S. Coast Guard, another such agency that regulates duck boats, said it sets limited parameters on the vessels, such as requiring them to have a certificate of inspection and authorizing a certified route for them, but doesn't have much involvement beyond that.

State and federal investigators were trying to determine what sent the vessel, originally built for military use in World War II, to its demise.

Here in eastern Carolina, the threat of rainy weather kept tour boats in along the Beaufort waterfront in Carteret County. When they made it to the correct boarding area, they had to wait for another duck boat-the one that ultimately sank.

The NTSB and multiple duck boat companies, including Ride the Ducks of Seattle, declined to comment on the safety issue.

A treacherous squall sank the boat, sending Coleman down into cold, deep water.

After a few minutes on the water, the vehicles return to land and to their home base, which features a store selling candy and souvenirs.

  • Rogelio Becker