Facebook stops InfoWars host posting for 30 days

InfoWars' infamous host and popular right wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones' Facebook account has been suspended for 30 days because some of its video content was said to be violating community standards.

"We apply our policies consistently according to the content in the videos, regardless of the speaker or the channel", a YouTube spokesperson said in a statement Wednesday.

But the suspension comes just several days after Facebook executives defended InfoWars and Alex Jones' place on the platform at a presentation when critics questioned why the social media Masters of the Universe allow InfoWars and Fox News on its site at all. This means that "The Alex Jones Channel" will stay on Facebook for now and his colleagues can keep posting as long as they follow the rules. At the same time they are telling us how important it is that people should be able to say what they think, they are agitating for Alex Jones to be pulled off YouTube.

As Fast Company reported earlier, the social network is loathe to remove content that doesn't clearly violate its community guidelines because it reduces ad impressions, and Facebook would rather not be in the business of fact-checking. In the statement, Jones accused CNN of publicly calling for the banning of his free speech and of being on a "campaign against competing news organizations and the First Amendment", which he called "outrageously anti-American". If Jones receives two more strikes during that period, YouTube will terminate his account.

Back in February, he reportedly received a YouTube strike for a conspiracy theory video about the Parkland, Fla. high school shooting. The company still claims that the video doesn't violate its community standards. The fourth was reported about one month ago, but Facebook incorrectly determined that it did not violate its community standards at the time.

Disclosure: Sean Hollister's wife works for Facebook as an internal video producer. Pages maintained by Jones and Infowars have remained active because they have not crossed "a certain threshold of strikes" necessary for them to be unpublished, Facebook said. A 30-day ban, which Jones' personal account was issued in this case, is the result of multiple content violations.

  • Rogelio Becker