Zimbabwe's Mnangagwa accuses rival Chamisa of striking deal with Mugabe

Robert Mugabe addresses members of the press at his home Blue House in Harare, Zimbabwe, a day before the polls.

"I said I can't vote for those who have caused me to be in this situation.so there is Chamisa left". "I will make my choice among the other 22 (candidates) but it is a long list".

"It was a thorough coup d'etat", Mugabe said of his dethroning, adding it was "utter nonsense" that he wanted Grace as his successor.

Many in Zimbabwe knew no other leader but Mugabe, who led the country for 37 years and since independence from white minority rule in 1980.

"The sudden & arbitrary withdrawal of security details from President Mugabe's residency after he said he is voting for #NelsonChamisa; not for his "tormentors" proves ZIMBABWE IS NOW UNDER ARBITRARY RULE".

"He seems to be doing well, and if he is elected I wish him well", he said.

     FURIOUS Mugabe called the coup that toppled him'illegal and unconstitutional
GETTY FURIOUS Mugabe called the coup that toppled him'illegal and unconstitutional

Mr Mnangagwa's Zanu-PF party is predicted to scrape a win, according to the latest polls, although these are not wholly reliable. First-time voters under 30 are expected to carry the election, which could represent a new tide in Zimbabwean politics, reports BBC Africa.

When asked by the BBC's Fergal Keane if he would like to see Mr Chamisa gain power in Zimbabwe, Mr Mugabe, 94, indicated that he was the only viable candidate.

Zimbabwe's generals shocked the world past year when they seized control and ushered Mnangagwa to power after Mugabe, 94, tried to position his wife Grace, 53, to be his successor.

Mr Charisma has accused the incumbent party of dirty tactics as well as the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission of bias towards ZANU-PF. "I was regarded as an enemy, but how come that I am treated now as a nonentity, an opponent?"

Lawyer and pastor Mr Chaimsa, who is running as the country's youngest ever presidential candidate, has been in charge of the party since February 2017.

With hours ticking towards Zimbabwe's harmonised elections tomorrow, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has implored Zimbabweans to maintain the peace and non-violence that have characterised the campaign period.

  • Rogelio Becker