Stolen shark doing well after being returned to San Antonio Aquarium

Police have obtained confessions from two of the men involved and are ascertaining whether the thieves could be charged under federal laws.

Leon Valley police chief, Joseph Salvaggio, said two other suspects, a man and a woman, were being questioned in connection with the theft.

"He had had one of these in the past", Salvaggio said. Stellman said she and Jamie Shank, the aquarium's assistant director of husbandry, were present for the rescue. They left the aquarium with the shark in the stroller. The men put the shark in the bucket and stashed it on the stroller to make their getaway. She was then placed in a bucket inside the pram.

The kidnappers were followed to their vehicle by the Aquarium's general manager, Jen Spellman, who noticed water leaking from the stroller, Aquarium owner Ammon Covino told USA Today. Images of the suspects and the truck thought to have been used in the heist were shared.

Moments later, the two men re-appear and with the help of a woman hide the shark in a stroller and roll it away past surveillance cameras.

"The individual obviously had some knowledge on how to deal with these types of animals, we said that from the very beginning, otherwise why take it?"

'And when we got into the garage and into the house, it looked like nearly a mock-up of (the aquarium)'.

"He said the water was dripping because they had spilled a Yeti cup onto the stroller and they were leaving in such a hurry because their baby that was with them needed medication".

"We'll be surprised if the shark survives".

"We don't think he was planning on selling it".

"The bad part", the spokesman said is that the suspect whose house it was "is gonna go to jail because he wanted this shark more than he needed it". "He knew very much what he was doing and kept that animal alive".

The horn shark - called Miss Helen - "is in quarantine right now resting" and "is doing good so far", San Antonio Aquarium said. "Police are working on getting a warrant as we speak to retrieve the shark and bring it home".

Video captured by local outlet KEN5 News and shared on Facebook shows Miss Helen's triumphant return to the aquarium in a gray plastic tub. The horn shark was taken out of an open pool where visitors are allowed to touch and interact with sea creatures.

  • Rogelio Becker