The Bachelorette finale: Blake ‘hysterical’ after Becca dumps him

"I love you so much".

Okay, we get it!

Garret Yrigoyen, the man Becca Kufrin chose on the season finale of The Bachelorette, was at the center of a controversy early in the season when posts he'd liked on Instagram surfaced including one that cruelly mocked undocumented immigrants, liberal women and trans people and one post that posited a conspiracy theory that the activist survivors of the Parkland shooting are paid actors.

"I know it was the same for [Becca] because she knows me and how I am", he noted.

Kufrin went with Yrigoyen, and she accepted his proposal of marriage.

During season 14 of "The Bachelorette", Colton told Bachelorette Becca Kufrin that he'd previously gone on a date with her friend and former "Bachelor" castmate, Tia, but said there was no spark there.

"It was tough because it wasn't just affecting me, but it was affecting her", Garrett said.

Yrigoyen, 29, sat down with host Chris Harrison on "After the Final Rose" show and said he and "Bachelorette" star Kufrin, 28, worked through the scandal to become a stronger couple. "At his core, he's a good guy". When Becca and her mom go off to talk, Becca asks her mom if she has any advice, and her mom asks her about how Garrett makes her feel.

You've got a DVR?

"Yeah", said Garrett, looking not thrilled to answer the question. "Validate what your partner is feeling, even if you don't necessarily agree with what they are saying", she says. And I didn't realize the effect behind a double-tap or a like on Instagram. "I hope that after watching the entire season play out, they can stay open and get to know the guys for who they are".

"Uncle Chuck came in hot", he admitted.

Blake, sweating profusely and very confused (especially since Becca kept telling him that she'd pictured him as the last man standing up until quite recently), left her with the words, "I love you".

"How would you feel if she didn't pick you, would you be okay?"

The show ends with the moment fans have been waiting for... the proposal!

Still, Blake didn't let premonitions get him down.

The reason I say nearly is because, while she waited, Becca said the man she was about to send home wouldn't see it coming and would feel blindsided, and there was no doubt that was Blake. "I want Becca to know the truth about Garrett".

Nonetheless, as they parted, instead of blasting her with the rage (or epithets) common to The Bachelorette, Horstmann blurted once again, "I love you".

Becca leaves behind two sweaty footprints on the dock when they walk away, revealing that she was barefoot because she just couldn't find the right pair of shoes to match her atrocious mermaid dress. She said that he was incredible, kind and couldn't wait for him to meet her family.

"We're near water so I assume something with water", he says with a s--eating grin. And there was someone else that she couldn't live without. "I stand by everything that I posted in my apology, and I'm just trying to grow as a person be a better person on a daily basis", he continued.

Blake instantly fell apart.

Hers and Blake's had been the most solid, constant relationship, "but because you were so constant I think I was overlooking other relationships", she said.

"It was affecting her, and that was hurting me the most. You were not wrong".

  • Kyle Peterson