Footage shows England cricketer Ben Stokes ‘mimic’ gay man, court told

"Look at the state of your teeth. they make you look like a c***", the doorman alleges Stokes said.

Stokes mimicked the "high-pitched" voices of William O'Connor and Kai Barry, two regulars at Mbargo nightclub in Bristol, southwest England, doorman Andrew Cunningham told Bristol Crown Court.

He said Mr Cunningham noted that he was mimicking their voices and mannerisms in what he described as "a derogatory way", thereby making fun of their camp behaviour.

Cunningham stated that he only stepped in when Stokes flicked a cigarette butt at one of the gay men.

"I asked him, "If you are going to start on someone, start on me", he said.

Security camera footage, which had no audio recording, showed Stokes flicking the end of a cigarette toward one of the men.

Mr Cunningham said Stokes offered him £60 then £300 for re-entry at 2.08am and became abusive when this was refused due to licencing conditions.

Film student Max Wilson, who lives on the triangle, woke up from the shouting and said he did not believe the initial shove came from either Mr Stokes or Mr Hales, but Stokes was behaving aggressively.

"He was clearly frustrated and annoyed".

"He knocked Mr Hale unconscious and then - after time to pause for thought, to calm - he did exactly the same to Mr Ali".

He said Barry and O'Connor did not appear angry.

Ali pushed Mr Barry away "with no significant force" but Stokes "charged" over to the group, Mr Corsellis said.

"Equally, Mr Ali has worked for the emergency services and Mr Hale has served his country in the armed forces".

Stokes then threw a punch at Ali, with both men falling to the ground.

He alleged that cricketer Hales, who is not on trial, had "definitely used his feet on three occasions" on Ali.

England coach Trevor Bayliss insisted Stokes had been his usual self at Edgbaston, saying: "You wouldn't have known there was anything coming up".

He left the club with teammate Alex Hales at 12.46am, with the pair returning and trying to re-enter at 2.08am. He also had a cracked lower left molar. He had sustained a superficial cut and bruising.

"Mr Stokes had no obvious injuries save for an area of swelling over the metacarpals on his right hand", Mr Corsellis added.

Stokes's left-handed batting also yielded a remarkable Test inning of 258 from just 198 balls against South Africa in Cape Town two years ago. Footage showed they had had some contact with Stokes and Hales inside. "Well beyond acting in self-defense or defense of another", Corsellis said.

"Alex Hales appears fed up with something at that point".

Stokes was interviewed on two occasions and made "no comment" answers to all questions but gave three prepared statements.

"Presumably the CCTV has been brought to their attention because they are waving", Mr Adams said.

"He maintained that at all times he acted in self-defence of himself or others".

"But during the incident Mr Stokes lost his control and started to attack with revenge, retaliation or punishment in mind, well beyond acting in self defence or defence of another", Mr Corsellis said.

Stokes, of Stockton Road, Castle Eden, Durham; Ali, of Forest Road, Bristol; and Hale, of Burghill Road, Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol, are on bail.

  • Stacy Allen