Official Trailer for Michael Moore's New Documentary 'Fahrenheit 11/9'

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore is working on a new Donald Trump documentary that calls the president the last democratically-elected leader America will ever have.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the last president of the United States", Moore narrates over footage of Trump, in a trailer released by HuffPost on Thursday. The Bowling for Columbine director is also seen spraying "Flint water" into the front yard of Rick Snyder, the governor of MI. In the first trailer for Fahrenheit 11/9, Moore grapples with significant issues like gun control and the complacency of the American people. The title is a retread of his 2004 work 'Fahrenheit 9/11, ' with the reversed date referring to Election Day 2016. "He has no intention of leaving the White House", stated the director.

"On opening weekend, Fahrenheit 9/11 was the No 1 movie in every red state in the country", he says in reference to his award-winning documentary. It received a 20-minute standing ovation at its Cannes premiere. "He's taking a much bigger perspective on American politics", Thom Powers, the docs programmer for the Toronto International Film Festival, where Moore will premiere the film, told the Los Angeles Times.

Notably, in the trailer Moore is seen delivering a tankload of water from Flint, Michigan, to the home of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder.

According to HuffPost, the film "juxtaposes footage of Trump rallies and neo-Nazi protests with images of Moore using Flint water to hose down the MI governor's gated driveway". Moore was hoping to get the movie into theaters ahead of midterm elections to give voters something to mull over when making their way to voting booths this November. How do you feel about a Michael Moore-helmed Donald Trump documentary? "This is the movie that will end the madness". We don't need hope. The Weinstein Company committed $6 million to make the film, but pulled funding in the wake of Harvey Weinstein's sex crimes scandal.

  • Kyle Peterson