Apple Hacked By 16-Year-Old Fan

Apple Hacked By 16-Year-Old Fan


After his house was raided, investigators found two Apple machines and instructions on how to hack in a folder called "hacky hack hack". Following reports of the hacking incident, Apple issued a statement saying that no customer data was compromised from the repeated attacks on its network.

The teenager's lawyer said the reason he hacked into the network was that he was a fan of the iPad and iPhone maker, considered it a "dream" to one day work for the company, and that the defendant was "well-known" in the worldwide hacking community. The hacker in question managed to download 90 gigabytes of secure files. The identity of the high school student can not be revealed for legal reasons.

At any rate, Australian newspaper The Age reported that the high schooler, who can't be named because he's a minor, developed "computerized tunnels and online bypassing systems" to exfiltrate the files.

"At Apple, we vigilantly protect our networks and have dedicated teams of information security professionals that work to detect and respond to threats", a spokesman said.

Apple says its customers' data wasn't compromised by an Australian teen's alleged hacking. Police also seized a mobile phone and a hard drive. In the process, he stole approximately 90GB of data and was even able to access customer records. The boy told police that he was a "fan" of the company and wanted to work for Apple when he grew up.

The boy also believed to have boasted about his activities on WhatsApp. The suspect has pleaded guilty, The Age said, and Reuters reported that he will be sentenced on September 20. The teenager's defense lawyer mentioned that he had become very popular in the global hacking community and so revealing the details of this case to the public could end up exposing his identity.

  • Terrell Bush