Beta Now Available to More Devices, Numerous Bugs to Fix

Beta Now Available to More Devices, Numerous Bugs to Fix


Fortnite is targeted towards a younger and more casual audience, and unlike PUBG has the option of crafting which allows you to build structures like staircases, walls and plenty of other defenses. Mobile security company Lookout has found that at least seven fake websites have already been created; all seven purported to offer fans the Android version of Fortnite. If you can play, it will download the data and get you into the game.

On Samsung devices you can download from the Samsung App Store without changing settings, but on other Android phones you need to enable an option to install from unknown sources, which opens your phone up to potential issues.

If your device is not eligible for the beta or you simply can't wait any longer for your invite, fear not.

Check back next week for the Season 5 Week 7 to see what Epic Games has in store for all those who like getting challenges done first and then taking out enemies and claiming victory as the last one standing.

Once you download the Fortnite Installer, you need to install Fortnite itself. The post in question by WizardHarryDresden has included a screenshot of their message from Epic Games inviting him to check out the game.

As the challenge's title implies, the "Search where the Stone Heads are looking" challenge aims to get Fortnite players to head in the direction of the stone heads' gazes. The former is a free-to-play game based on the Battle Royale mode. However, you won't be to able play as you still need a confirmation regarding your access.

This is all for now, let us know in the comments what you think of the Fortnite 5.21 Update Patch Notes. Finish all of them to earn as many Battle Stars as possible - which will give you maximum value, in terms of loot, for your Battle Pass.

As with any major software release on this scale, Fortnite's rollout might hit a few bumps along the way. The developer, Epic Games have responded to this issue and have confirmed that a fix would be rolled out soon.

You're probably going to want to be pretty close to a player to do this.

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