Whiteboards used as Gatwick flight information screens fail

Staff at London's Gatwick airport are using whiteboards in an attempt to prevent total travel chaos following a digital screen failure.

An airport spokesperson said to the BBC that a "handful of people" ended up missing their flights as a result, and apologized for the inconvenience.

Some passengers have missed their flights due to the issue, which the West Sussex airport said was caused by damage to a fibre optic cable.

Gatwick Airport tweeted: "We are sorry, but due to an IT issue our flight information is not displaying correctly".

Passengers flying from Gatwick Airport face severe disruption as an IT fault means that none of the passenger information screens are working.

The electric screens which usually show gate numbers and departure times have stopped working.

Pictures emerged on social media of crowds surrounding the board as they tried to get hold of their flight information.

The problems have been going on for at least three hours at one of the UK's busiest airports.

"Gatwick would like to apologise to any passengers affected and expects Vodafone to resolve the issue as soon as possible", Gatwick, London and Britain's no.2 airport behind Heathrow, said in its statement.

"Tens of thousands" of people departed on time and no flights were cancelled. "They used megaphones to tell everyone of updated information".

A Gatwick spokesman blamed an "ongoing issue" with Vodaphone, which provides IT services for the airport.

  • Eleanor Harrison