Xbox All Access monthly financing program is real, launches today

Xbox All Access monthly financing program is real, launches today


Microsoft has introduced a new subscription service for Xbox One that offers a multitude of benefits. Available only in the U.S. and only at official Microsoft Stores, Xbox All Access bundles in a new Xbox One S or Xbox One X console, two years of Xbox Game Pass, and two years of Xbox Live Gold into one 24-month financing plan. Additionally, a year of Xbox Live Gold will set you back $60 - so $120 for two years - while Xbox Game Pass costs $10 a month, or $240 over two years. At the end of the 24 month period, the payments end and the Xbox console is yours. You can also pay for the entire bundle upfront if you want to avoid the monthly fee or application process. Xbox All Access is now only available in the United States, and Microsoft has branded it a "limited-time offer", so you may want to jump on it while you can. You don't have to plunk down a chunk of change upfront, and after two years the console looks like it will be yours to own. The 2014 version brought together Office 365 Home, Skype Unlimited World and Wi-Fi, Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Music Pass for $199 for a one-year subscription.

So, we can pretty much say that Xbox Live Gold is a necessary subscription that you likely would have bought anyway, while Xbox Game Pass is a nice, but ultimately unnecessary, extra. Monthly payments required. Purchase amount divided into 24 substantially equal monthly payments, rounded up to next dollar.

This offer is only available to new Xbox Live Gold subscribers or previous members who do not have an active subscription. After that, the Dell Preferred Account plan can charge up to 29.99% April. You can create a deal with any Xbox bundle that suits your fancy; you aren't limited to certain models.

Xbox All Access represents a tremendous opportunity for Microsoft to fold more gamers into its ecosystem, but I'm interested in seeing how much variance there is between its monthly payments, ie how much low-credit gamers will have to pay per month. All future Xbox exclusives will also be available on Game Pass on launch day.

  • Terrell Bush