Apple set to launch its new iPhones on September 12

Apple set to launch its new iPhones on September 12


Both of these images appear to be official Apple marketing material, but until Apple unveils both devices on september 12, it's hard to be sure if they are accurate.

This year looks set to be no different with plenty of speculation around a new Apple Watch, AirPods and iPad devices.

Apple's next big thing will make its debut on September 12. Notably, all new iPhone models are expected to have edge-to-edge displays, gesture controls, and FaceID.

Reports suggest Apple wants to diversify the iPhone lineup by offering more sizes, colors, and price points.

Ars will be at Apple's September event reporting on all the news, so be sure to check back for the latest on September 12. It looks incredibly busy, and I'm not sure why anyone would need that much information at a glance, but the complications do look sleeker than ever.

The third phone will be a budget model, and the lower cost will reportedly be achieved with aluminum edges instead of a stainless steel casing and the cheaper LED screen.

Analysts believe Apple plans to release three new smartphones this year, including one with a larger display than previous models. A larger, more bezel-free display seems to be there, along with a totally new watch face.

9to5Mac has a reported first look at the two OLED versions, with the photo seemingly confirming that the OLED models will have an edge-to-edge screen design and no home button, both features that the LED screen model will also reportedly have. Expect a dual lens camera out of the larger phones.

Although the iPhone business is making more money than ever, the number of iPhones that Apple is selling isn't growing as fast as it did in the early days of the smartphone market.

Apple's clever 3D Touch feature has seen mixed success since its introduction in 2015 with the iPhone 6s.

  • Terrell Bush