NBC Has Made No Changes In Response To Blowing The Weinstein Story

The Times and The Daily Beast both revisited NBC's handling of the story this week, with the Beast reporting that NBC News general counsel Susan Weiner had threatened to "smear" Farrow if he refused to drop the matter.

A former NBC News producer who worked with Ronan Farrow has claimed that the broadcaster attempted to impede Ronan Farrow from finishing his reporting on disgraced mogul Harvey Weinstein's alleged sexual predations.

News has issued the following statement in response to the story and accusations that it tried to stifle the Harvey Weinstein story by Ronan Farrow. NBC News's executive editor Rich Greenburg also alleges Farrow's story did not meet their standards at the time, as there were no witnesses willing to go on camera, "The one we had the closest hope of getting, Rose McGowan, pulled out".

While The Daily Beast's upcoming story is hanging ominously over NBC News, Ronan Farrow's upcoming book Catch and Kill could join with the expose to create a brutal 1-2 punch. Rich McHugh, the journalist who worked with Farrow on the story at NBC, released a statement calling NBC's alleged actions "unethical" and "a massive breach of journalistic integrity". "One time it even happened when we were in the room", he said. Weiner reminded Farrow that as he continued his reporting on behalf of a separate news organization he should no longer represent himself as working on behalf of NBC News.

McHugh said that, despite mounting evidence, "I think it's fair to say that there was a point in our reporting where I felt there were obstacles to us reporting this externally, and there were obstacles to us reporting this internally". The Washington Post eventually reported it.

"She made no threats and the characterization of that conversation in The Daily Beast is a malicious distortion", said the NBC News statement. He is now writing a book about his experience with the network, titled Catch and Kill. "And immediately the New Yorker recognized that, and it is not accurate to say that it was not reportable".

The president of NBC News, Noah Oppenheim, denied McHugh's accusation. "Not one of these seven women was included in the reporting Farrow presented while at NBC News". Farrow reached out to Auletta after encountering road blocks at NBC, which led to the stories landing in the New Yorker.

"There's more to come", a source with knowledge of the Daily Beast's reporting told Mediaite after the release of its story on Thursday.

Oppenheim reportedly said, "Mark Kornblau and Andy Lack are trying to throw me under the bus when it was Andy's decision".

Farrow ultimately left NBC because of its continued reluctance to air the story. HuffPost reported a year ago that McGowan "withdrew her permission for NBC News to use the footage after she'd received legal threats from Weinstein".

  • Kyle Peterson