Saban called ESPN's Maria Taylor to apologize after interview

The No. 1 Alabama Crimson Tide cruised their way past Louisville on Saturday night, opening the 2018 season with a dominating 51-14 victory in Orlando.

"I still like both guys". I think both guys are good players. I'm not going to. Saban knows this. And hopefully he'll be a little nicer next time a legitimate question is asked. Tagovailoa would return to the game and rush for a 9-yard score later in the quarter.

Saban was unhappy with the way his team performed during the game and said as much during his postgame remarks to the media. Taylor also diplomatically tweeted after the game. The final numbers for Tagovailoa, who played only one series in the second half: 12 of 16 for 227 yards and two touchdowns.

Saban, who has been answering questions about his quarterback situation since he switched to Tagovailoa in the national title game in January, snapped in frustration at once again being asked (again a good, and fair question) about picking a QB and sticking with one.

Maria's ESPN colleague Chris Fowler blasted Saban's hostility, speculating that Saban's "unwarranted" response was the result of him misunderstanding a question that seemed created to give him some wiggle room around naming a starter. But right now, it's looking like this season could get even more uncomfortable if Saban refuses to call Tagovailoa his QB1.

  • Kyle Peterson