Samsung enters the 8K fray with big screen QLED TVs

Samsung enters the 8K fray with big screen QLED TVs


LG Electronics is showing at IFA in Berlin the first 8K OLED TV. LG's 8K display, which uses more than 33 million OLEDs, is about four times sharper than that of UHD.

LG says that it expects OLED sales to double in 2018, reaching over 9 million units by 2022.

Samsung Electronics Co. and LG Electronics Inc. on Friday showcased their latest achievements in the field of 8K TVs and built-in home appliances, reflecting their commitment to penetrate deeper into top-of-the-line luxury products. "4K OLED played a major role in reshaping TV industry and LG is confident that 8K OLED will do the same".

"With the growth of the ultra large screen category, the time now is for us to champion the next era in screen resolution bringing a new dimension of reality to large screens which we are calling the 8K revolution".

While Ultra HD is now represented by the 3840×2160 resolution more eloquently described as "4K", it's not the only resolution lumped under the "Ultra HD" moniker. The lack of native 8K content, however, means Samsung has been forced to talk about the TV's new video upscaling technology, rather than the resolution itself.

LG claimed over 5million 8K televisions will have been sold by 2022.

In contrast with LG's OLED approach, rival Samsung has gone with its proprietary QLED technology, which is LED displays that use quantum dots to enhance the picture quality.

"We want to improve the way Australians experience entertainment, whether through TVs that transform into paintings with The Frame, surround sound from a single soundbar, or the immersion of 75-inch QLED screens that have become the new normal for many households".

Got a hot new 4K? The caveat here is that, so far, I've only been shown a limited number of demos and those will have been carefully selected by Samsung's TV engineers to show off the new model in the best possible light. That is the same standard employed by top Hollywood film studios. At CES earlier this year, Samsung unveiled a prototype with a MFA (Micro Full Array) backlight behind the LCD panel but there is no mention of MFA in the press announcement at IFA.

  • Terrell Bush