Samsung Mobile CEO hints at long-awaited foldable smartphone reveal this year

Samsung Mobile CEO hints at long-awaited foldable smartphone reveal this year


Samsung in 2011 revealed plans to make a folding phone in its keynote address; as recently as past year, it showed a folding phone prototype to some members of the media.

In an interview with CNBC, Samsung CEO DJ Koh stated that the Galaxy X foldable phone will launch later this year, but it might not be available worldwide at the same time, so some parts of the world could get the model in 2019. Globally, smartphones sales are slowing down and Samsung is feeling the squeeze more than most. However, issues like dust collection within the folds and the strength are still issues that need to be dealt with.

Mr Koh said at IFA 2018 that it's "time to deliver" on the promise of a foldable phone, adding a little about how the device might function.

In other news, demand for foldable screens is expected to rise following the release of Samsung's own foldable phone according to a new report. For example, it has released the results of several consumer surveys that suggest that there is consumer appetite for one.

Koh's new strategy is to focus on millennials who can not afford the latest flagship but still want a device packed with meaningful innovation.

The mysterious foldable device, previously codenamed "Valley", was mentioned on a report by The Wall Street Journal last July.

DJ Koh, president of mobile communications at Samsung Electronics, has confirmed that Samsung is overhauling its smartphone strategy.

Digitimes Research has found that most of foldable smartphone models that had been unveiled by handset makers came with an in-folding design for the configuration of flexible displays, which is less complicated technologically as compared to a design with outwardly configured displays. He also hinted that the "unfolded" mode will provide benefits that go beyond having a tablet-sized screen, but didn't elaborate on what these benefits might be.

I'm still not sure I'm sold on the need for this, and I really hope they aren't going to unfold a phone into a DeX experience.

  • Terrell Bush