As Donald Trump seethes, Mike Pence and others deny writing crit

A congressional ally of President Donald Trump says he thinks Congress could investigate which senior administration official wrote an anonymous New York Times opinion piece criticizing the president.

Mr Trump was asked by reporters aboard Air Force One on Friday whether he was was considering taking action over the New York Times op-ed.

"The Vice President puts his name on his Op-Eds". "[Donald Trump] has a clear governing vision for the country and his record of results is remarkable".

The official said that early on in the administration, some officials quietly discussed invoking the 25th amendment of the US Constitution, which allows the removal of a president judged unable to perform his duties.

Pelosi mused about "who wrote it, who has denied it already".

By email, by tweet and on camera, the denials paraded in from Cabinet-level officials - and even Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday - apparently crafted for an audience of one, seated in the Oval Office.

"They are the only ones complicit in this deceitful act", she said.

"The events of just the last couple of days is likely to erode whatever trust there has been on the White House staff and particularly with the president and his sense of faith that those around him are not leaking negative stories about him", said USA Today Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page.

How has the White House responded?

Citing national security concerns, Trump called on DOJ to probe the matter further.

"We have a lot of love in the administration", Trump said at the rally, in response to a question from Fox News' Pete Hegseth.

Trump also renewed his call for Congress to pass stricter libel laws - something that has historically been governed by state law. "I handle it and I fight back, if you didn't notice over the years, but here is criticism where you can't fight back because you have somebody doing it anonymously", he said.

The text of the op-ed was pulled apart for clues - the writer is identified as an "administration official" - does that mean a person who works outside the White House? Trump wrote in a tweet.

He also criticised the claim made in the article which asserted that the coalition of "resistance" within the Trump administration was working in the interests of the American people.

"This could be very risky if the person who is talking to the media is actually revealing national security secrets", he added. "So if the failing New York Times has an anonymous editorial, can you believe it, anonymous - meaning gutless - a gutless editorial - we're doing a a great job".

  • Rogelio Becker