Obama attacks 'crazy stuff' from Trump White House

His step back into the political arena offered a preview of his message for the fall's midterms.

"I have to say this to President Obama: if Democrats got in, with their agenda, in November of nearly two years ago, instead of having 4.2 up, I believe you would have 4.2 down - you'd be in negative numbers". "And we didn't get here overnight", one Obama aide said, according to CNN.

Perhaps the most damning moment of the speech came when Obama criticised the way the current President reacted to the Charlottesville riots that took place in 2017.

Now, as 2018 midterm campaign season gets underway, it's likely a very public Trump-versus-Obama showdown becomes a defining storyline of the year. "I found that he's very, very good for sleeping".

Obama's speech might help Trump.

And Republicans welcomed Obama's return to the campaign trail on Friday, arguing he is the best weapon they have to motivate their base.

President Obama speaking to students at the University of IL.

Former President Barack Obama charged back into electoral politics today with a detailed critique of President Donald Trump's style of governing, warning of dire consequences if American voters stand on the sidelines in the November election.

He also criticized Trump's response to the violence a year ago at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, that resulted in the death of one person.

Here is what seven right-wingers have said in response to Obama's speech. "We are supposed to stand up to discrimination and we sure as heck supposed to stand up clearly and unequivocally to Nazi sympathisers".

"We are supposed to stand up to bullies, not follow them", Mr Obama said.

Barack Obama's post-presidential retreat into the private world seems to be over. All these terrified tea party activists, and the Republican leaders warning of profound social transformation, were really just concerned about the budget deficit.

Indeed, days before he left office in 2016, Obama told reporters, "I want to be quiet a little bit and not hear myself talk so darn much". He's expected to hold a rally with OH gubernatorial candidate Richard Cordray Thursday, and with seven Democratic House candidates in California Saturday.

Historically, midterms are lightly attended and Obama made a point of reminding his audience that only one in five young people voted in the 2014 midterm election.

  • Eleanor Harrison