Tesla executives quit; CEO Elon Musk appears to smoke pot

Tesla executives quit; CEO Elon Musk appears to smoke pot


(TSLA.O) has reached a fever pitch, with the news that two senior executives are leaving Elon Musk's electric-car maker emerging hours after he smoked marijuana during a podcast interview streamed live online. "These things are much more important than creating electric supersonic VTOL", he said.

Tesla's chief people officer, Gaby Toledano, also took a leave of absence in August and will not be returning, Bloomberg reported Friday.

Musk appeared on Joe Rogan's popular podcast on Thursday night sipping whiskey, smoking marijuana and talking about electric airplanes.

Musk and Rogan had been filming in California where marijuana is legal, although Musk had to ask for reassurance before indulging.

Musk added: "I'm not a regular smoker of weed - nearly never".

Why did a rich man who wants to transport mankind to Mars and fix Los Angeles' traffic issues with an underground tunnel even go on Joe Rogan's podcast? Shares of the carmaker fell 1.4 percent in trading before US exchanges opened.

His brother Kimbal Musk told the newspaper that the reason Mr Musk "seems to attract drama" is because he is "so transparent, so open, in a way that can come back to bite him".

After discussing the artistic and engineering merits of wrist watches, Rogan brought out a spliff.

Tesla shares fell as much as 10% to $252.25 as of 9.46am in NY, the steepest intra-day drop since June 2016.

Even before Musk's surprise August 7 tweet that he had funding "secured" for a go-private deal, Tesla had been under scrutiny from investors, analysts and short-sellers as it works to hit production targets and slow its cash burn.

Has Elon Musk taken Tesla as far as he can? As noted, Musk once tweeted that he was considering selling shares of his company for $420. Tesla noted in a statement to Reuters that Morton opted to depart from the company due to his discomfort with the level of public attention and Tesla's overall pace of work.

If such a system is connected to your vehicle, it could calculate when you'll be home and start the air conditioning at the optimal time to save energy, Musk said.

She has an impressive resume: She served 10 years on the executive team at Electronic Arts, which followed a job leading human resources at Siebel Systems and time at Microsoft and Oracle.

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