Trump Swipes at Obama Speech: ‘I Fell Asleep’

I'm being serious. That's not how our democracy's supposed to work. He said, as much as politicians talk about each election being the most important of their lifetimes, "this moment really is different".

In August, Mr Obama endorsed 81 Democratic contenders in 14 states, emphasising young, diverse candidates running for state-level offices in an attempt to help new party leaders establish themselves.

Both parties are urging their core supporters to get to the polls for the 6 November midterm elections, when Democrats need to pick up 23 seats in the House of Representatives and two seats in the Senate to gain majorities in Congress and stifle Mr Trump's agenda.

He has also made a priority of helping individual candidates ingovernors' and state legislative races by working closely with former Attorney General Eric Holder, who has founded a group, the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, which is focused on expanding Democratic state power in advance of the next round of congressional gerrymandering. "The consequences of any of us sitting on the sidelines are more dire".

"I have to say this to President Obama: if Democrats got in, with their agenda, in November of nearly two years ago, instead of having 4.2 up, I believe you would have 4.2 down - you'd be in negative numbers".

Obama's remarks signaled he would not pull any punches in taking on Trump, who Obama has studiously avoided attacking by name after handing him the keys to the presidency in January of 2017.

"We are supposed to stand up to bullies, not follow them", Obama said.

This is his first time he has done so since leaving office in 2016.

. Obama's latest foray into politics is likely to ignite Republicans, including Trump.

I can understand why Michelle Obama wants to be cautious in her approach to the mid-terms and not be cast as overly partisan at a time where she wants to leverage her own brand.

"Obama is a great messenger to get them to vote for Democrats", Pfeiffer said.

"When We All Vote" is officially non-partisan, but do you really think Mrs. Obama is going out of her way to elect Republicans?

Republicans, and many naïve journalists, liked to attribute the hysterical right-wing backlash against Barack Obama to a sudden upsurge in fiscal conservatism.

Instead, Obama's advisers believe his midterm message will more closely resemble the remarks the former President delivered in South Africa as part of an event honoring the late Nelson Mandela.

  • Eleanor Harrison