Apple Watch Series 4 with ECG sensor, larger display unveiled

Apple Watch Series 4 with ECG sensor, larger display unveiled


Apple is betting that an iPhone with its largest screen yet will lead to bigger profits, too.

Called the Apple Watch Series 4, the heart monitor feature can provide real-time data for doctors.

Apple Watch 4 vs Apple Watch 3: What features does it have?

Apple introduced the Apple Watch Series 4 as a "redesigned and re-engineered" model of its industry-leading smartwatch. Moorhead said the health features for the new devices were notable.

When it comes time to pair your Apple Watch Series 4 with your iPhone, you'll need to use the Apple Watch app for iOS.

One caveat: The Apple Watch is still a power hog.

With the annual September keynote approaching, many Apple fans are wondering whats in store for the Apple Watch.

With Apple recently announcing that its wearable is the most popular watch in the world, it seems this digital revolution is finally in full swing. He had not seen the device or learned any details beyond the basics provided by Apple. And yeah, that's for the aluminum, steel, Nike+, and Hermès versions. In comparison, the Watch 3 now only sells in six different versions, two of which are by Nike.

The new Series 4 takes the promised health benefits one step further than before.

According to Apple, the Series 4 runs at twice the speed of the Apple Watch 3, thanks to the dual-core S4 processor inside it. But don't worry, we got you.

The new Apple Watch unveiled Wednesday has a new, real-life medical app: a heart monitor. Now third-party apps can be made into complications, allowing users to access information for things like scores in sporting events, airplane schedules and more. Aside from Super Retina displays, Apple says both have the state-of-the-art features created to bring the best smartphone experience yet.

Pricing for the Apple Watch Nike+ Series 4 is the same as regular Series 4 models.

Update: Apple is launching the Apple Watch Series 4 in India next week starting for Rs 40,990 for the Global Positioning System only 40mm variant while going all the way upto Rs 80,900 for the cellular 44mm variant with a stainless steel case and Milanese loop band. That may sound a lot, but your opinions on the various features of the newer device may justify this higher price tag.

If an irregular heart rhythm is detected, participants in the study are notified through the Apple Watch and on their iPhones and offered a free consultation with a study doctor.

The iPhone XS Max will sell for about $1,100, or $100 more than last year's iPhone X.

Keep an eye on IGN for all the latest breaking news from this Apple Special Event, including bombshell iPhone announcements (even if we already know what majority will be).

For some, the health functions will be extraordinarily useful, especially the ECG reader (when and if it launches in the UK).

The FDA-approved electrocardiogram records the electrical activity of your heart through a sensor on the back of the watch.

It's the second year running that Apple has simultaneously launched three new iPhones.

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