Amazon just asked Alexa to declare war on every smart home company

Amazon just asked Alexa to declare war on every smart home company


The Echo Dot: The new Echo Dot will cost $49.95. Getting GPS directions and weather forecasts are among the most popular requests, according to a survey released Wednesday by AppDynamics. The listing suggests the Echo Sub will cost 75 pounds, which is around $98. Home Hub will also come with other features like - Live Albums, among others. You can, for instance, set it up so that Alexa automatically turns on the fan if your living room reaches a certain temperature. That means you'll be able to use it to control smart devices that aren't Wi-Fi enabled, such as Philips Hue light bulbs.

The Echo Show features a 7-inch screen, as well as a camera that enables other Echo owners to "drop in" for video calls.

Another addition to Amazon's smart speaker line-up is a new subwoofer called the Echo Sub that can be combined with two existing Echo speakers for 2.1 audio. These devices include a revamped Echo Dot that is created to be louder than its predecessor, a streaming audio adapter, a Alexa-controlled subwoofer, a receiver and an amplifier as well as a revamped version of its Echo Plus speaker.

The 2nd Generation Amazon Echo Show will ship next month, specifically on October 11, though you can pre-order it today. You can also pick it up as part of an Echo 2.1 stereo bundle in your choice of colors for $249.97.

If you have a Google Home, you'll already be aware of the talents Google Assistant has up its virtual sleeves. Amazon wants to teach it some new tricks. You can also ask it pretty much anything you'd ask your Echo at home.

Available later this year for $34.99. Two things, really. First of all, Google Assistant is widely regarded as a smarter virtual assistant than Amazon's Alexa - although both are improving all the time.

Alexa changes that. The AmazonBasics Microwave includes dozens of quick-cook voice presets, so you can cook just by asking Alexa.

"Customers love timers, alarms, and reminders and Echo Wall Clock makes these features even better", Amazon said. Echo Auto, though, will allow drivers to upgrade their own cars. You can talk to it by saying "Hey, Google" and swipe right on the display to manually go back. Background road noise, the sound of the radio, and other people talking can get in the way of Alexa understanding, hence the need to squeeze eight microphones inside.

  • Terrell Bush