Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford receiving death threats

Chuck Grassley says the FBI does not need to look into the sexual-assault allegation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh because Republicans are conducting their own investigation. "No one should make light of this situation".

With crucial midterms looming in November, both sides believe the issue could help mobilise voters and deliver a decisive win.

President Donald Trump also has refused to get the Federal Bureau of Investigation involved. Her family has relocated, they said.

Leaders of the Christian Right who are anxious to get Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh installed on the court are growing furious with top Republicans for not pushing ahead and voting on President Donald Trump's nominee instead offering his sexual assault accuser a platform to make her case to the nation.

Chuck Grassley, the committee's Republican chairman, on Wednesday sent a letter to Ford's lawyers giving her until 10 a.m. on Friday to submit prepared testimony if she meant to show up on Monday. In the public telling of her story to the Washington Post, Ford said that the incident took place in the summer, maybe during the time that "she often spent ... at he Columbia Country Club pool in Chevy Chase, where in those pre-cellphone days, teenagers learned about gatherings via word of mouth". She must submit a biography and a written statement if she meant to testify on Monday, he said.

"Unfazed and determined. We will confirm Judge Kavanaugh", tweeted Mike Davis, who serves Grassley as the Chief Counsel for Nominations for the SJC, just after 11 PM on Wednesday.

Still, Grassley declined to speculate whether the Senate will proceed with a committee vote on the high court nominee, something others have said should go forward even if Ford doesn't testify.

Now, Miranda tells NPR she was initially "empowered" with her Facebook post but didn't think she would have to defend what she wrote. "For women this is an increasingly unattractive candidate and it is something that energises their base, it may keep Republican women at home".

Kavanaugh and Ford have been asked to testify before Congress on Monday, though it's not yet clear if that hearing will happen. The White House. Judge Kavanaugh has not asked to have the FBI investigate these claims.

Donald Trump Jr.'s post earlier this week shows a crumpled piece of notebook paper with a scribbled message: "Hi Cindy will you be my girlfriend, Love Bret".

Trump, star of that infamous "grab 'em by the p**sy" Access Hollywood tape, assured reporters today he finds it "very hard for me to imagine that anything happened" between Kavanaugh and Ford, as she has claimed.

That remark was noteworthy because most Republicans have handled the question of Ford's credibility more gingerly. The danger is a growing perception that Mr Trump and his party are unwilling to hold men accountable for alleged sexual misconduct, such as Roy Moore, who stood for the Senate despite being accused of pursuing teenage girls when he was in his 30s.

The Democrats, all of whom served as prosecutors or state attorneys general, noted that President George H.W. Bush asked the FBI to investigate after law professor Anita Hill raised allegations of sexual harassment against Judge Clarence Thomas in 1991. Susan Collins on Wednesday after she revealed her office received "pretty ugly" threats about her vote on Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Trump said senators hearing Ford's accusations, if she testifies, "will open it up and they will do a very good job" considering Ford's allegations and Kavanaugh's adamant denial that he has ever been involved in any attack on a woman.

  • Kyle Peterson