Spider Sex Party Covers Greek Beach in 1000-Foot-Long Web

They are often known as stretch spiders, as they have elongated bodies - and in another worrying development for those who fear spiders - Tetragnatha extensa are small enough and light enough to be able to run across water faster than they can move on land. There are hundreds of species of these spiders that live in various parts of the world.

Thousands of the creatures, known as Tetragnatha spiders, spun the web near a lagoon in Aitoliko to facilitate mating in what experts call a "seasonal phenomenon", according to the BBC.

According to Maria Chatzaki, professor of molecular biology and genetics at Democritus University of Thrace, Greece, global warming (which caused a significant temperature increase in the region), elevated humidity, and sufficient food in the area of Aitoliko caused a massive boost in the number of Tratragnatha spiders populations.

She told Newsit.gr: "It's as if the spiders are taking advantage of these conditions and are having a kind of a party". Just when you thought you these guys could not get more invasive, they invade a whole Greek town... for a sex party.

Though those with phobias may find the sudden presence frightening, experts say these spiders aren't unsafe to humans and were likely just taking advantage of favorable mating conditions.

Sadly, the eight-legged architects will soon die off, leaving the web to degrade naturally.

The handsome Grecian beaches have been transformed into an eerie landscape overrun by spiders as a massive spider web stretches across the entire shoreline.

The cobweb has completely swamped vegetation on the beach.

"It is probably a reaction of nature to balance the system by limiting mosquitoes", he wrote.

  • Joey Payne