Brett Kavanaugh’s absurd 35-year-old calendars defense is now a meme

They noted that other witnesses are "essential for a fair hearing". She accused him of attacking her and trying to remove her clothing while he was drunk at a party when he was 17 years old and she was 15. "Judge Kavanaugh and the American people deserve nothing less". Christine Blasey Ford, who knew Kavanaugh during his Georgetown Prep days. "I'm just being honest: Unless there's something more, no, I'm not going to ruin Judge Kavanaugh's life over this". Kavanaugh has denied that event as well, through a statement from The White House.

"He's a fine man with an unblemished past and these are highly unsubstantiated statements represented by lawyers".

Conway said, "I don't think one man's shoulders should bear decades of the #MeToo movement" that has toppled powerful men across industries over the past year.

Republicans had been bullish about Kavanaugh's chances to ride out the storm, given that Ford did not appear to have any corroborating witnesses ready to testify.

The above is an email that Keyser's attorney, Howard Walsh, sent to the Judiciary Committee.

Additional reporting from Newsy affiliate CNN.

Mr Kavanaugh, 53, an appellate court judge, denied the allegation and said he wanted to testify as soon as possible to clear his name. "Neither did (The New Yorker reporters)", he said. She admits she was drinking heavily at the party and that there are "significant gaps in her memory of the evening".

Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein received a letter from Professor Christine Blasey Ford on July 30, which outlined her assertion that, at a high school party in the 1980s, Kavanaugh pinned her to a bed, groped her, and put his hands over her mouth. But after consultation with a lawyer, Ramirez told the magazine she felt confident enough in her recollection that it happened. He was not actually at the party, but "independently recalled" numerous same details Ramirez provided, per The New Yorker.

The only so-called corroboration comes from an anonymous source who claims to have heard the story second hand.

Kavanaugh will address allegations of sexual assault/misconduct made by former Yale classmate Deborah Ramirez, and by Dr. Chuck Grassley, and asked that the new allegation be referred to the FBI for investigation. Avenatti, who has said he's considering running for president as a Democrat, said on Twitter his client is not Ramirez.

The New Yorker article, co-authored by Jane Mayer and Ronan Farrow, says "Senior Republican staffers also learned of the allegation last week" without specifying who the staffers worked for. He was a roommate to some of us, and we spent a great deal of time with him, including in the dorm where this incident allegedly took place. Ramirez and her attorney could not be reached for comment on the record.

Kavanaugh has denied Ford's claims and plans to use the calendars as part of his defense, according to the news outlet. The behavior she describes would be completely out of character for Brett.

The New Yorker said it contacted Ramirez after learning of a possible involvement in an incident with Kavanaugh.

Listen to your friend, Nate Silver, if you don't believe me. And I was never told this story by her, or by anyone else.

That could bring to four the number of women who have made accusations against Kavanaugh.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell accused Democrats of a "smear campaign", Kavanaugh himself complained of "smears, pure and simple" and President Donald Trump dismissed allegations against his nominee as "totally political".

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