Kawhi Leonard: I Came To Raptors With An Open Mind

The small forward was officially introduced as a member of his new club on Monday, along with Danny Green at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto.

"The narrative of not wanting to come to this city is gone". "We should move past that". Believe in this city, believe in yourself.

To land Leonard, Toronto gave up DeRozan, a team icon and four-time All-Star. That's a reaction that's well deserved.

They are not unfounded; collectively they are what made the deal a high-risk, high-reward gambit for Raptors president Masai Ujiri. People aren't walking around in shorts and soaking up the sun.

"I want to play here".

Additionally, Nurse said he traveled to San Diego a few times during the offseason to watch Leonard play, and was unsurprisingly impressed.

Leonard played only nine games for the Spurs last season because of a quad injury.

Leonard addressed the rumors that he was unhappy about being in Toronto and that he wanted to go to Los Angeles, saying that he just wanted to win.

Plus, if you come to Toronto, you're automatically loved across the country. With the standard back-to-school vibe and an odd mix of tasks to accomplish - serious poses for promotional materials, goofy stuff for team social media accounts, and the fairly standard blend of "what were you working on" scrum questions - it can sometimes skew a bit all over the place.

Much like Canada shook the "polite, kind" image during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, Toronto needs to shake this idea that it's not worthy of the league's top talent. You literally are "The North".

  • Stacy Allen