West Sussex leaders ‘thrilled’ to welcome Harry and Meghan

In proof that literally anything she does can (and will) be turned into a headline, Meghan Markle has sparked a tizzy among royal watchers by. closing a vehicle door.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex is welcomed to the opening of the "Oceania" exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London with a hongi.

Queen Elizabeth gave the couple their brand new royal titles-the Duke and Duchess of Sussex-on the morning of their royal wedding on May 19.

The announcement included a short clip of the Duchess talking to the artists and viewing the work - a large hanging textile piece.

"The Duchess of Cambridge will visit the Sayers Croft Trust Forest School and Wildlife Garden at Paddington Recreation Ground on Tuesday 2nd October".

Within hours, global media outlets shrieked that Meghan had "broken royal protocol" by taking door-closing duties into her own pristine hands. Prince Harry even still gets flowers for Meghan Markle and has them delivered on a weekly basis, including her favorite variety peonies.

Emily Andrews, The Sun's royal correspondent, praised the Duchess on Twitter for doing what most of us do everyday: "A princess who still takes the time to shut her vehicle door".

Meghan Markle's evolution into royal status is officially complete, with the Duchess of Sussex making her first royal appearance alone. Now she's rocking Givenchy and shutting vehicle doors by herself.

Meghan Markle's inclusion into the British Royal family turned over a new page in the history of the monarchy.

However, as Twitter user WhenMeghanMetHarry pointed out, fellow royal Kate Middleton has definitely shut her own auto door before.

While there are usually staff members to open and close a auto door for royal families, there are also no rules that claim the royals can't do it themselves.

She's not the first royal to do this, her husband Prince Harry also closed the door of his Range Rover at the launch of Together: Our Community Cookbook earlier this month.

"Yay Meghan! She's a real, regular princess/person", one wrote.

  • Kyle Peterson