Brett Kavanaugh's yearbook jokes explained

Two women cornered Flake as he got on an elevator Friday, pleading for him to reconsider his support for the appeals court judge, who has been accused of sexual assault when he was a teenager. Harvard Law spokespeople twice declined to comment and once did not respond to the Crimson's multiple requests for clarity on whether Harvard will allow Kavanaugh to continue serving as a Lecturer on Law.

The Senate Judiciary Committee asked the White House to ask the FBI to conduct the supplemental investigation, which will be "limited to current credible allegations" and must be done by October 5.

'This is about the integrity of the Supreme Court, ' she said.

Professors at Yale Law School canceled 31 classes on Monday so that students would be better able to protest Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court.

Kavanaugh denies allegations by Christine Blasey Ford that he assaulted her when they were in high school.

At that same 2006 confirmation hearing, Kavanaugh swore he knew nothing of the warrantless wiretapping program that began under George W. Bush.

Trump quietly followed suit, though he had vigorously resisted asking the Federal Bureau of Investigation to probe the allegations of sexual misconduct by Kavanaugh, now being raised by three women. By the end of the day, Flake had, adding a condition to his promise to vote for Kavanaugh. She called on students to use their power in their future careers to change the system and call out the boys-will-be-boys attitude she's seen as being prevalent throughout the Kavanaugh hearings.

The most recent of these calls came from Yale, Kavanaugh's alma mater for both undergraduate studies and law school. He was viewed as a possible "no" vote until his announcement Friday. But his yearbook tells a different story.

"Her clinical language - I think she uses the word hippocampus about six times, that actually made her more not less credible to me", he said, referring to Ford's physiological descriptions of how the brain forms memories. The two then stood and went into an anteroom, where they were joined by other senators, mostly Democrats. I did some stupid things, but I never sexually assaulted anybody. "We're not going to let them dictate our committee's business, " Grassley said.

Mr Flake voted to advance Mr Kavanaugh's nomination from the committee to the full Senate, but announced he wanted to delay a confirmation vote by a week in order to let the FBI investigate. Following Thursday's testimony by Kavanaugh and his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, the magazine of the Jesuit religious order in the United States publicly withdrew its endorsement of Kavanaugh.

"I am here today not because I want to be".

"Look at me and tell me that it doesn't matter what happened to me", said 23-year-old Maria Gallagher, a volunteer with a liberal advocacy group. "I was completely astounded when I saw she signed that letter". Ramirez says he exposed himself to her during a drinking game at Yale and caused her to touch him in an unwanted way.

As Vox notes, other classmates who attended the same school back then say Kavanaugh was lying about these terms and they did, even colloquially, mean sex acts, so the judge belatedly seems to be reinventing definitions to fit his narrative.

  • Rogelio Becker