Verizon Stops Selling Pixel 2 Days Before Pixel 3 Arrives

Verizon Stops Selling Pixel 2 Days Before Pixel 3 Arrives


Google is set to simultaneously release the Pixel 3 XL and the Google Pixel Watch running Wear OS, the new name for Android Wear.

In addition to the teaser video posted on YouTube, Google has announced the Aqua colour of the Home Mini.

This prompted speculation that a notch-less Pixel 3 XL variant that was carefully hidden from leaks would be unveiled during the October 9 press conference.

In a promotional email, Google is letting potential Pixel buyers know that they can pre-order both phones after the October 9 event has finished. Shutting all the Pixel Ultra rumours, Google on Wednesday confirmed that it's infact working on a mini version of Pixel. Which begs the question how "mini" is too mini? As the exclusive carrier of Google's phone, this means your only options for buying the smaller Pixel 2 from previous year will be either directly from Google or from Best Buy, assuming both continue to carry it. We are also not sure if Google will launch a separate Pixel Mini phone or just a smaller version of the Pixel 3. Apart from this, Google has also teased that the new Pixel smartphones will come in three colour options. We have a feeling the next one will be a bit bigger than this.

It seems unlikely that Google - which has suffered a number of leaks around unannounced Pixel and Nexus hardware - would be able to pull-off such a stunt. The company's artificial intelligence companion is now telling users it's already doing line rehearsals for the happening, in addition to clearly suggesting the gathering will see the announcement of new phones and "a few other new things".

  • Terrell Bush