Russian Space Capsule Carrying Three Lands Safely in Kazakhstan

Rogozin, who heads the Russian space agency Roskosmos, said in an interview on state-run television that an expert commission had wrapped up its initial findings. It was followed by the 15th Dragon, which arrived in July with additional supplies.

Earlier in September, Rogozin has raised some consternation by saying that an air leak spotted at the International Space Station was a drill hole that happened during manufacturing or in orbit.

Roscosmos and NASA have now both opened their own investigations of the hole, which was 2mm wide and appeared in August on a Russian Soyuz capsule. Feustel now has logged more than 226 days in space on three spaceflights, and Arnold spent more than 209 days during the course of two missions.

They performed maintenance by replacing external cameras mounted on the space station and also upgraded various components related to the spacecraft's cooling and communications systems.

ISRO scientists and engineers have been working on the Gaganyaan spacecraft for the mission. In total Feustel now has almost 62 hours on spacewalks and Arnold has tallied over 32 hours.

Mr Artemyev conducted one spacewalk together with a fellow Russian.

Currently, Expedition 57 continues station research and operations with a crew comprised of Serena Aunon, Chancellor of NASA, Alexander Gerst of ESA (European Space Agency) and Sergey Prokopyev of Roscosmos.

Feustal first joined the ISS crew back in March when he was launched on a Russian Soyuz rocket.

Rogozin said people he knows at NASA have told him they are under "enormous pressure" from what he called "rabid Russophobes".

According to the report, Russian Federation has offered the Indian side a chance to send an astronaut on a training mission to the ISS in 2022 and the mission will happen before or after India's own mission to send a man into space for the first time.

  • Joey Payne