Arrowverse Crossover: First Look At Ruby Rose's Batwoman Revealed

The actress' casting was announced last August, with Rose noting being incredibly excited to become Kate Kane. And speaking of suiting up, The Hollywood Reporter has shared the first image of her as Kate Kane in the cowl and cape.

Let's skip the preamble.

Rose will be playing this female Caped Crusader for the three episode run of the "Elseworlds" crossover event, and has potential to have her own series down the road.

The costume was designed by Oscar-winner Colleen Atwood, who is no stranger to making superheroes look good, having worked on Supergirl, Arrow, and both the original and reboot of The Tick. Yes, that means The Flash and Supergirl are switching nights.

All these Metropolis and Gotham personalities showing up, along with that title "Elseworlds" makes us think that, unlike previous crossover events which took place mainly on "Earth 1" where most of the Arrowverse denizens we know and love reside, this one might take the show, or shows, on the road over to Supergirl's Earth 38. DC's Legends of Tomorrow is sitting out of the crossover this year and Black Lightning is also not involved.

The version of Batwoman headed to TV screens is set to remain true to her comics portrayal, in which Batwoman has been an out lesbian since 2006. The crossover begins filming today (October 9) which also happens to be the air date for the Flash season premiere, and we're wondering if the official release of a Kate Kane photo means we'll also get a first look photo of Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane sometime soon.

What are your first impressions of Rose's Batwoman look? (In addition to the expected homophobia, some Batman fans argued that the gender-fluid Australian actress was not "gay enough" to play the role; Rose wound up shutting down her social media in response to the vitriol.) But when it comes to the new Batwoman costume, the Twitterverse is full of raves. Tell us what you're thinking in the comments.

  • Kyle Peterson