Intel's New 9th-Gen Core Lineup Boasts 5GHz Clock Speeds

Intel's New 9th-Gen Core Lineup Boasts 5GHz Clock Speeds


Intel says that the Core i9-9900K would cost you $488 and you can pre-order the new processors today.

INTEL HAS UNVEILED a 28-core 9th-generation Xeon processor aimed squarely at folks who need some serious power to create videos and other demanding content.

Moving onto the 8-core processors, we have the i7-9700K and the i9-9900K. Like all of Intel's processors released over the past few years, the 9 generation Core parts are based on a refined 14nm manufacturing process (14nm++), and are dubbed Coffee Lake Refresh. Coming with Intel's first consumer i9 processor also comes the first i7 desktop processor not to feature Hyper-threading.

Processor shipping will begin on 19 October, and unfortunately the review embargoes end on that same date. They are however still on the 14nm architecture, so there is a real sense that the industry is holding its breath in anticipation of Intel launching their 10nm Cannon lake series at some point next year.

While the 8th generation Core flagship, the Core i7-8700K (and the anniversary Core i7-8086K), stuck to six-cores and twelve threads, Intel has now upped the core game, pushing its flagship Core i9-9900K to eight-cores with a total of sixteen threads. The big news here is that Intel has made the jump to eight cores in a mainstream chip for the first time. It has a base frequency of 3.6 GHz rated at 95W TDP, and it improves on previous generations with a turbo boost up to 5 GHz on two cores instead of one. You can see the new SKUs in the spec table below; the range will top out with an 18-core/36-thread part, he Core i9-9980XE (replacing the Core i9-7980XE), and every single CPU will now support 68 lanes of PCIe 3.0 (44 from the CPU, the remainder from the PCH) - evidently a response to rival AMD's support for 64 such lanes on all Threadripper CPUs, which still hold the highest core count thanks to the 32-core Threadripper 2990WX.

Equipped with 8-cores and 8-threads, the Intel Core i7-9700K is a bit of an oddity compared to its predecessor.

All of these new 9th Gen processors have hardware mitigation against Meltdown Variant 3, the security bug that we heard so much about back in January. The 1-core CPU boost is 4.6GHz, 2-core at 4.5GHz, 4-core at 4.4GHz and 6-core at 4.3GHz.

  • Terrell Bush