39 kids in NY have had virus linked to polio-like illness

Health officials said all the cases have come up in northern IL, and at least two of the children have been treated at Lurie Children's Hospital. There were about 15 cases reported in August 2018.

It's not a new condition, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the increase is not normal.

Two children in IL have been diagnosed with a rare Polio-like illness that is seeing a sudden uptick, mainly in kids, across the US. Experts don't know what causes it.

In the case of the Batavia child, doctors say Julia Payne contracted what's known as an enterovirus and that was the cause of her AFM. They had symptoms of a respiratory illness in the week before developing symptoms of AFM.

"Illinois has monitored this syndrome since 2014 when it was first described by CDC".

14 cases have been reported in Colorado, and six cases are being investigated in Minnesota. Those who contract AFM face paralysis, long-term health problems and even death. In some cases, the cause of AFM remains unknown. This year, there have been 38 confirmed cases in 16 states across the U.S.

Symptoms include a sudden onset of limb weakness, loss of muscle tone and reflexes, facial droop, difficulty moving eyes, drooping eyelids, difficulty swallowing, and slurred speech.

  • Santos West