White Woman Who Falsely Accused Black Boy Of Sexual Harassment Apologizes

"As I walked up I noticed the argument, apparently the kid brushed up against her and she said he touched her and made a decision to call police on a nine year old child", the man wrote on the video's caption.

A video of "Cornerstore Caroline" garnered around 4 million views by Friday afternoon after a Facebook user identified as Jason Stovetop Littlejohn shared it on the social media site.

However, her neighbors disputed that assertion, claiming that she has written "racial slurs" in chalk outside the building. The child is seen making his way past the clerk counter, where Klein was standing, with his family. "[The customer] started yelling, 'Miss, you need to watch your son, he just grabbed my ass.' It was kind of amusing at first, but then she was saying, 'I will call the cops'". The little boy simply walked behind Klein and his backpack accidentally brushed her backside.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is calling on the NYPD to investigate Klein and determine whether or not she broke the law, comparing the incident to a "modern-day Emmett Till moment". "She didn't say the mom or anybody else". Then, prompted by a reporter, Ms. Klein went inside the store and watched a playback of the bodega's security camera footage from Wednesday evening.Onlookers crammed inside the bodega's doorway to watch the screening, their phone cameras pointed toward Ms. Klein. You can hear her say, "I want the cops here right now!" Children are crying in the background of the video as another woman, who appears to be their mother, tries to comfort them.

"Based on this evidence, and a new review of the video, I am calling on the Brooklyn DA, Eric Gonzalez, to file charges against her". "There are security cameras outside".

The footage also shows witnesses defending the boy before the woman pulls out her phone to call the police.

The video shows young children crying as the woman talks into the cellphone: "I was just sexually assaulted by a child", she said on the video captured by Jason Littlejohn, who lives nearby the market.

"You just see her going to the store and back", Littlejohn said of Klein.

Police say they have no record of any 911 calls being made from the deli at that time and that they never sent officers to the scene.

"Maybe I could sit down with the young lady who got in my face, maybe we could do the interview together", she said.

  • Rogelio Becker