Red Sox beat Astros to reach World Series

That narrative requires some unpacking as well.

In the ALCS specifically, the team with the higher batting average on the season has won seven of the last nine series. He was watching Game 4 of the ALCS from his couch, where Kimbrel walked three batters and gave up a run, and he noticed that Kimbrel was tipping his pitches. This season Houston scored 51 more runs on the road than at home and 3/4 of a run less per game away from Minute Maid (5.23 vs. 4.60).

Unfortunately for Upton, the call was upheld and the Red Sox went on to win 8-6.

Martinez reached the World Series by beating the team that released him during spring training four years ago.

J.D. Martinez and a group of his Red Sox teammates, ski goggles and champagne in tow, were ready to make a memory.

Altuve, a six-time All-Star and last year's AL MVP, went on the disabled list for the first time in July with right knee soreness. The Red Sox wouldn't have got here without him, and they certainly couldn't celebrate without him.

Devers, who turns 22 Wednesday, has 12 RBIs in 10 postseason games. As prevalent as that record was in the story of Price's career, it might as well have been hung around his neck as he took the mound Thursday night.

But in a way, that made this the ideal scenario for Price - one in which there would be few expectations, little pressure and less downtime to stew over his previous postseason failures.

Game 1 of the World Series will be Tuesday night at Fenway Park against either the Los Angeles Dodgers or Milwaukee Brewers.

It worked out for him this year, and Sox fans hope he goes yard many times during the World Series. Lance McCullers Jr., a 10-game victor, said he was pitching through some stuff like others while focused on trying to win a World Series, and indicated without being specific that his injury might require surgery. Before the loss in Game 5, Verlander was 5-0 with a 2.42 ERA in his last 5 starts (including postseason) against the Red Sox.

Then, as now, the pitcher they turned to was Justin Verlander.

"They beat us. We ran out of wins", Astros manager AJ Hinch said. But here, given no margin of error by his vanishing offense, he fell short. Verlander would be gone when the seventh started. We will, no doubt, spend plenty of time grousing over the poor performance by umpires that led to disastrous moments for the Astros and left us to wonder if the fix was in.

  • Stacy Allen