Russia Mourns Victims of Crimea College Shooting, in Photos

Attacks by disaffected teenagers at schools and colleges have hit the headlines recently in Russian Federation.

The Oct. 17 violence also was the deadliest school attack in Russian Federation since the 2004 Beslan attack by Chechen separatists, which left 333 people dead, many of them children, during a three-day siege. The shooter, who committed suicide afterward, apparently was not included in that number.

Sergei, whose shirt was covered in blood, said victims "were taken away in public transport, in minibusses and buses, with two or three people in each ambulance".

A student carried out the attack and shot himself, according to the leader of the Russian-annexed peninsula Sergei Askyonov.

But Aksyonov said Roslyakov made the bomb himself and set it off while using a shotgun he recently acquired and 150 cartridges he bought just a few days ago to conduct his deadly shooting spree.

On Thursday in the occupied Crimea, the Kerch residents carrying flowers to the Polytechnic College, where the day before the shooting and tear of a homemade bomb killed 21 people and injured dozens.

Investigators are still trying to establish Roslyakov's motive and suggested they are treating it as a school shooting similar to those that have plagued the United States.

Putin offered his condolences to the families of the victims.

The Investigative Committee, Russia's top crime investigation agency, eventually said all the victims died of gunshot wounds.

He promised that the government will do everything necessary to help those wounded.

At least 10 of those who were wounded in a deadly shooting at a vocational school in Crimea will be airlifted to hospitals in Russian Federation, officials said.

Aksyonov told journalists and relatives late on Wednesday that he had seen the body of the killer, whom he described as "not a Crimean, not even a person", adding that Roslyakov had acted alone.

News outlets identified the alleged attacker Roslyakov as a fourth-year student at the Kerch Polytechnic College. Impossible to miss, starting with its arches created to allow the passage of cargo from ship the goods to ports ukrainians or russians of the sea of Azov. Russia's National Guard said it has now deployed officers and riot police to all schools and colleges in Kerch.

The explosion, which was initially reported as a gas explosion, injured at least 50 people in Kerch, a city of 147.000.

"He would say that he lost trust in people when his classmates began humiliating him for not being like everyone else", a 15-year-old named as Zlata told RT television of Vladislav Roslyakov. He didn't name the man, saying only that he was a local resident.

Russian news media, however, reported that at least some of the victims died in an attack by an unidentified gunman or gunmen.

According to the authorities, the explosive device in the canteen was "filled with metal objects" and caused substantial damage to the building's first floor. More than 40 others were injured in the attack. He did not elaborate.

"He came out when that one [the student Vladislav Roslyakov] started shooting, and it seemed like he was trying to take away his gun or to stop him somehow, but he was killed".

"Kerch will not remain what it was before, that's for sure". Hundreds of others were wounded.

Russian Federation annexed Ukraine's Crimea region in 2014, prompting worldwide condemnation and Western sanctions.

"There are already lots of people in the emergency room, and in the operating theatre", a hospital employee told Russian news agency TASS.

  • Rogelio Becker