IPhone XR goes on sale in India today: Should you buy it?

IPhone XR goes on sale in India today: Should you buy it?


According to the channel, the duration of the battery models are two to three hours more than the more expensive iPhone XS iPhone XS Max.

We think the 128GB model is a real sweet spot here - 64GB is enough for anyone at a base level, but 128GB gives you that extra bit of freedom to store photos, videos and music on the phone without things getting shunted to the cloud.

If battery life is the only thing that matters to you when purchasing a new iPhone, then you should definitely check out the new iPhone XR.

Also iPhone XR deprived of 3D Touch, thanks to which the screen responds in real-time.

The iPhone XR went on sale today around the world and it is considered one of the best value iPhones.

It will take more testing to find out just how well that software works on the XR, but in our first-day trials, we found that the Portrait Mode feature performs as advertised.

The iPhone XR is certainly not in the league of its bigger and more premium cousins, the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max. The XR, though, does not have a 512GB model.

Just like its predecessors, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, has no Home button and features the 6,1-inch display with the LCD technology. Plus, the XR has the same A12 Bionic chip as the XS and XS Max have.

In Taiwan and several other markets, iPhone XR has generated much better response than the iPhone XS series. The phone is as fast as the XS and retains pretty much all of its features, including Face ID, which is dependable and fast. Another step down is the fact that when it comes to dust and water resistance, the XR has an IP67 rating as compared to the IP68 on its XS counterparts.

Every iPhone since the iPhone 6S has had it, until now. The differences are in the details. However, the smartphone gets 3GB of RAM instead of the 4GB on the other models. You shouldn't have issues with the overall sharpness of the display, but if you're a display nerd and actually care about the overall quality of your screen, the lower resolution of the iPhone XR could irk you the wrong way. The dual-lens camera alone is a good reason to go for a Plus, though the larger size isn't a good fit for those with small hands or small pockets. But we'll see how the change in camera and screen hold up after more testing.

  • Terrell Bush