Philadelphia Eagles Just Landed Another Weapon For Carson Wentz

Tate, who had been the Lions leading receiver with 44 catches and 517 yards this season, said Monday he was not expecting to be dealt.

The Philadelphia Eagles are adding to their receiving corps: the team announced it is trading for Golden Tate.

The defending Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles have acquired veteran wide receiver Golden Tate from the Detroit Lions, in exchange for a third round pick.

"Think something in the range of a mid-round draft back, maybe a fourth-rounder to make the Lions move".

Patricia responded, "Ah, well, you know".

Patricia asked the reporter, sitting off camera, to ask the question "professionally", and the reporter restated the question, which Patricia answered by essentially saying the franchise is thinking long term.

Reporter: "OK. Why do you feel like this move makes your franchise better?" Before Patricia answered, he asked a reporter to "sit up" and "have a little respect for the process". If so, I'm with Patricia here. Sounds like the two go at it quite often, so I'm sure Patricia had been waiting for the right moment to scold him.

  • Stacy Allen