Get your first look at the 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Adventure Mode

A new trailer for "Super Smash Bros".

Just when you thought that Nintendo had given everything they were willing to, the Direct closed out with the announcement of the World Of Light Adventure Mode which'll see players making their way across a map encountering different incarnations of the characters, much in the same vein of the SoulCalibur series.

Incineroar is a Fire/Dark type Pokemon and the final evolved form of Litten, one of the three starters from Pokemon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

There was a possible hint as to what the new characters would be, as director Masahiro Sakurai spoke about how there were a number of games, such as Xenoblade Chronicles 2, that they couldn't add playable characters for because the games didn't exist when they started development.

Nintendo is keeping most of the mode's details under wraps until SSBU launches on Nintendo Switch, though it seems to tie into the Spirits mode. There's also a pretty nifty song for the game and a glorious overview of the "Super Smash Bros". In order to acquire new Spirits, players will fighter others.

The game is due out on the Nintendo Switch on December 7.

Ken will be an echo fighter, meaning most of his moves and animations will mirror Ryu's. As a result, Nintendo didn't confirm what any of the DLC actually is. Ultimate, they will be joining the fight as assist trophies instead. A season pass will be available called a Fighters Pass, which will offer all five of the scheduled DLC characters once they become available. That would be Piranha Plant, the polka-dotted pipe dweller that subsists on a steady diet of clumsy plumbers.

  • Kyle Peterson