How do I get a free Google Home Mini from Spotify?

This plays in well with Google's plan to get the Google Assistant in every single home in the world, starting with these United States of America. Coincidence or not, Spotify recently released a standalone app for Wear OS wearable devices, so it looks like the company is interested in bringing its app to as many devices as possible. A nice little hardware hook to sell you on a service or bit of software. How about YouTube Music? If you have tried this method, let us know how it went in the comments.

Beginning today, November 1, and all the way through the end of the year, Spotify will give you a free Google Home Mini. Per-month subscription costs and laziness do that job just fine.

Spotify said the number of paid "premium" subscribers rose to 87 million in the quarter, and it posted a first-ever profit of 43 million euros ($49 million) as a result of a tax adjustment.

The Google Home Mini offer is available for new as well as existing Spotify family plan subscribers, and has to be redeemed by December 31.

However, a Music Business Worldwide report in June had suggested that major USA labels including Universal, Sony and Warner had held up Spotify's India launch by not providing music licenses for the market. It's also limited to subscribers in the USA, and there is another caveat: Subscribers have to pay Spotify directly, and not via a third party like an app store or a telco.

  • Eleanor Harrison