The new Overwatch hero is Ashe: here are her abilities

It had been rumoured that the new Overwatch character - hero 29 - was going to be the Junker Queen. This gunslinging leader of the Deadlock Gang features elements of classic Wild West style coupled with the modern tech you'd expect from an Overwatch hero. The character's hero page is live on the Play Overwatch website now, though, detailing her story, ability, and difficulty (two stars). She's leader of the Deadlock Gang, and seems to have a history with McCree, although they're clearly not getting along at the moment.

The Overwatch Twitter tweeted the short alongside the message: "An explosive train robbery gives McCree the chance to settle some unfinished business with a few former associates".

Ashe was unveiled today during Blizzard's BlizzCon event in Anaheim, California, alongside big announcements concerning the game and other Blizzard properties.

If you are at BlizzCon or have access to the virtual ticket, you can buy Ashe merch on the Blizzard store right now. She can call down a giant robot named B.O.B whenever she's ready to use her ultimate. The dynamite can be thrown and will detonate after a short period or shot to detonate immediately. "The explosion from Dynamite also lights enemies on fire, dealing damage over time".

Joined by Kaplan, he's defending on Blizzard World as Ashe, against an enemy team that also has the new character.

  • Kyle Peterson