Google Pixel Slate goes up for pre-order, quickly selling out

Google Pixel Slate goes up for pre-order, quickly selling out


That's all the better to capture your self-portraits - including those shots where you either want to cram in more people or show off more of the background behind you. They're fast and powerful with cool new features enabled by the latest version of Android, Android 9.0 Pie. The Pixel devices are great, but they cater to a different market (and cost far more). So, why have they been disappointing? The Pixel 3 is available now for all, but the Pixel Slate, however, is still MIA.

'First, starting out in English in the U.S., Pixel 3's on-device AI helps you screen phone calls and avoid spam calls. Some issues are quite serious while others are quite minor.

The price will be the main issue for most consumers.

Other additions include the usual bug fixes and security updates, an overhauled designed for the "About" phone page, a few new navigation gestures, optimised power consumption when the phone is in standby mode, and the option to activate an AI assistant by holding the power button for 0.5 seconds.

Remember how bad the RAM management problems were on Apple's iPhones in iOS 11?

It looks like on a Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL, if you fire up the camera and take a couple of stills, several things could happen that indicate a buggy operation. Super Res Zoom makes up for the Pixel 3's lack of optical zoom by using computation photography to sharpen in details when you zoom in. It's obviously infuriating, but now we at least have some good news to share. Specifically, the spokesperson said that Google is working on a fix that will "keep background apps from being prematurely closed".

Were you one of the lucky ones? Instead, the 12-megapixel camera on both phones has been updated with machine-learning powered tools aimed at improving the pictures you take. It's coming to the Pixel 3 in a later software update, but we've tried out an early version of Night Sight, and we're pretty impressed with the results.

  • Terrell Bush