NY Democrat Ocasio-Cortez set to become youngest Congresswoman ever

Ocasio-Cortez defeated New York Democratic Rep. Joe Crowley in the primary election earlier this year. Flake is scheduled to give a talk at the Forbes 30 under 30 event in Boston after recently calling for a one week pause in the confirmation process to give the Federal Bureau of Investigation more time to investigate sexual assault allegations.

Before Tuesday's elections, women made up a record 20% of Congress - 23% of the Senate and 19% of the House.

Most recent Congressional elections have sent a record number of women to the House, but the gain has never been anywhere near the margin we can expect Wednesday morning.

Nearly 80% of voters in a CNN exit poll said it's very or somewhat important that more women and racial minorities be elected to public office, with two-thirds of white voters agreeing.

From Florida to New Mexico, these candidates brought platforms that stood for a range of issues such as affordable health care, gun safety and climate change.

And regardless of who wins in Arizona's competitive Senate race, the state will elect either Republican Martha McSally or Democrat Kyrsten Sinema as the state's first woman to serve in the chamber.

From the Women's March opposing President Donald Trump the day after he was inaugurated in January 2017 through a stream of sexual assault accusations later that year that sparked the (hash) MeToo movement, outrage and organizing by women have defined Democratic Party politics this election cycle. Democratic women won one Republican-held seat in IL, two in Iowa, and one in Kansas. Republicans retained control of the Senate. On Tuesday, she defeated her Republican opponent to represent New York's Fourteenth District, which includes part of New York City. In South Dakota, the Republican congresswoman Kristi Noem will become the state's first female governor.

■Voters in some states chose women to serve as governors for the first time. Republican senator Cindy Hyde-Smith of MS is heading to a run-off election later this month.

There are also now nine female governors, matching the record set in 2004. Democrat Janet Mills of ME and Republican Kristi Noem of South Dakota are the first women elected as governor in their state.

In the House, 237 women were on the ballot as major-party candidates.

Last night, Donna Brazille, a strategist on CNN said a record number of 38 women of color will be serving in Congress (35 Democrats, three Republicans). "So that's our objective. What's different this year is the whole pipeline's getting filled with women", Lake said. Women not only ran for office at an unprecedented rate, several knocked off white male incumbents during their party primaries.

"Ayanna Pressley was also fed up". At 29, she is the youngest woman elected to Congress.

History was made on other fronts though, as Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib became the first Muslim women elected to Congress.

Veronica Escobar and Sylvia Garcia won House races in Texas, making them the first Latina women to ever represent the state.

Native American and Muslim women will join Congress for the first time alongside the youngest elected woman.

  • Rogelio Becker