It’s not just you - Facebook outages reported all over

It’s not just you - Facebook outages reported all over


We're looking into the matter, but until Facebook comes back up, we encourage you to get away from the screens and go find something delightful to do with those around you. Still more people were reporting issues in parts of Mexico, Europe, and South America, with concentrations in Peru and Argentina.

Facebook appears to be back online for users who encountered the outage Monday.

'We quickly investigated and restored access for everyone. "We're sorry for the inconvenience".

The problem appeared to be widespread in the USA, with an online outage map showing issues in MI and throughout the Midwest, along the east coast and into the south.

Others seem to be somewhere in the middle as Facebook is working, but it's loading much more slowly than it usually does. A map of outage reports showed reports coming in from across the world, with many centered in the northeastern United States.

Hundreds of reports piled within minutes of the crash, with most (55 percent) saying they were experiencing a 'total blackout, ' according to DownDetector.

The company hasn't addressed or given an update since Monday's outage occurred around 1 p.m. ET. Major U.S. cities like Boston, New York and Miami also cited problems.

As has become common with recent internet outages, users quickly rushed to Twitter with #FacebookDown rising among the site's USA and worldwide trending topics.

  • Terrell Bush