White House vows to yank CNN access again

The letter from the White House comes after a federal judge on Friday ordered Acosta's press pass be temporarily restored for 14 days, CNN reported late Sunday.

But shortly after the issue was handed down, the White House sent a letter to Acosta, saying they would not renew his press pass when the court order expires at the end of the month.

It said the White House expected to make its final decision on Acosta's credentials by 3pm local time on Friday.

The initial revocation of Acosta's press pass came after a contentious sparring match at a press conference, during which the CNN correspondent ignored President Donald Trump repeated calls for him to sit down and allow another reporter to ask a question. The letter - signed by two of the defendants in the suit, press secretary Sarah Sanders and deputy chief of staff for communications Bill Shine -cited Acosta's conduct at President Trump's November 7 press conference, where he asked multiple follow-up questions and didn't give up the microphone right away.

In a Monday court filing, CNN argues that the Trump administration is attempting to "provide retroactive due process" and asks for a preliminary injunction and a hearing for the week of November 26, 2018.

The judge said the White House decision likely violated the journalist's right to due process and freedom of speech.

CNN challenged the move in court and on Friday won a ruling that temporarily reinstated Acosta while the court considers the news network's lawsuit over the ouster.

Acosta's credentials were revoked after Trump denounced him as a "rude, awful person" during a November 7 news conference.

"These actions threaten all journalists and news organisations".

But CNN's lawyers also said they "remain hopeful" that the network and the White House "can resolve this dispute without further court intervention".

CNN said in response to the letter that the White House is violating the Constitution. "CNN, they're one of the top three, so the idea that they're not able to get information that they need from the White House is laughable".

The court order was made in a lawsuit filed by CNN, which was joined by other media groups, including conservative-leaning Fox News. His hard pass was revoked later that day. "We look forward to continuing to cover the White House", CNN announced via Twitter.

Mr Trump responded by branding Mr Acosta a "rude, awful person".

  • Rogelio Becker