Instagram to target 'inauthentic' accounts

Instagram to target 'inauthentic' accounts


"It is our responsibility to ensure these experiences aren't disrupted by inauthentic activity", the blog post read. Instagram, for its part, says it will be ramping up its efforts along these lines even more so than what it included in the announcement today.

Instagram is now taking action against such abuse by removing all inauthentic likes, follows and comments from accounts employing third-party apps used to boost the account's popularity.

No more fake fans in the Instagram universe. Now, Instagram is putting to use newly developed machine learning tools that will detect and remove likes, follows and comments that are coming from illegitimate sources, according to the company's Community Guidelines and Terms of Use.

The app also stated in their blog that while it's "introduc [ing] bad behavior into the Instagram community", it's also making their accounts less secure. Additionally, the company will also inform the users with an in-app message that will ask them to change their account's password as these services usually require users to provide their actual credentials. The removal process will be complete once a user logs back onto Instagram, and changers the account password. However, the post states that the new measures will be ongoing and repeat offenders will "see their Instagram experience impacted", leaving to your imagination what might actually happen.

With #FakeNews as a headlining topic due to Trump comments, social media has been filled with non-credible misinformation, and Instagram wants to avoid further issues. Such users will receive an in-app alert, that informs them that their account has been used to generate inauthentic activity on the platform.

  • Terrell Bush