YouTube is adding ad-supported free movies

The ads that YouTube shows in the film come from its normal advertising mix. But the main reason YouTube is integrating more movies is that advertisers have been asking for content that is guaranteed to be family-friendly. Films like Legally Blonde, The Terminator, Rocky, Hackers, and All Dogs Go to Heaven are listed on the page with a "Free with Ads" tag displayed under the title.

YouTube users in some parts of the world ─ not including Pakistan ─ can now stream select films on the platform for free as long as they are willing to sit through commercial breaks, according to an AdAge report.

Viewers may have a hard time finding these free movies on their own, though, as there's no mention of them on YouTube's homepage.

With little fanfare, YouTube started streaming popular ad-supported movies for free.

Further down the line, YouTube says it might offer other options to film producers, such as sponsored and exclusive screenings through the site.

'We saw this opportunity based on user demand, beyond just offering paid movies, ' Rohit Dhawan, YouTube's director of product management, told Ad Age.

The reasons users are supporting the change are obvious; everyone likes free movies. The same channel also has several more recent releases, and current-run TV shows, which can be rented or purchased directly from the site. However the standout titles are Legally Blonde, Legally Blonde 2, The Terminator and Rocky.

  • Kyle Peterson